Squad Infotech Private Limited

Refund & Cancellation Policies

SQUAD Infotech Private Limited offers a Refund Policy which is Fair and Equitable Upon enrolling in a course directly or with any educational institution a student is entering a legal agreement under common law, in which they agree to abide by the conditions of enrolment (including meeting stated payments), in exchange for the service offered by the directly / institution in the delivery of the course.

Please note, changes in your circumstances are not the responsibility SQUAD Infotech Private Limited and neither can SQUAD Infotech Private Limited be held liable for changes in your circumstances. In a situation where a student wishes to cancel or change their enrolment and as a measure of goodwill, SQUAD Infotech Private Limited will allow the following options. A student may only take up one of these options once.

Before Starting of course:

If user has not started the course 100 % course fee – less tax payed and administrative charges(If applicable) will be refunded.

Within 14 days: For a period of 14 days from enrollment, a 80% refund will be given – less postage and printing cost where applicable, plus an administration fee of 20% (minimum fee of Rs 500.00) calculated on the total amount of tuition fees paid at the time of cancellation before going ahead to phase-1 or selected the mark complete on phase-1. The student must notify the Academy’s administration department in writing and the email be received within the 14 day period, either by fax, email, mail or delivered in you apply for a refund after 14 days our refund policy does not apply. However, you will have the option to change your course to another without incurring additional charges if you have not complete the phase-1 or selected the mark complete on phase-1. The onus is on the student to ensure and confirm that written notification of withdrawal is lodged. The academy will not be responsible for messages going astray. Note: If course notes (if applicable) have already been sent to the student, they must be returned before the refund is paid person. SQUAD will not refund any fee if no relevant course found or selected by you.


If you agree to proceed with the phase end message by clicking on phase end “mark complete” button no refund is applicable , rest of course will be opened with out any condition.

“Dear Candidate,We hope you enjoyed the phase- <phase number>, so click “Mark Complete” button to continue with the great journey.”

Within 30 days:
For a period of 30 days following receipt of the material, a student may apply for special consideration, to swap their course for another course with less or equivalent course fee product or in case opting for higher value then difference should be paid before hand. The application for special consideration must be made in writing (not by telephone) on email, and be accompanied by a letter explaining why the student wants to change the enrollment. These options only apply if the student has not started the course. An administration fee of Rs 500 will apply in these circumstances.

SQUAD Infotech Private Limited has full right to reject the refund request if user found guilty for breaching any rule or hiding or bypassing information or going beyond the scope of scope of enrolment defined.